Removing Hurdles, Elevating Knowledge: Solidly Anchored in ExperiencE
Partnering Digital Solutions with Operational Excellence

Who we are

Ceataec is a Software Development & Analytics company established within the Wilhelmsen Group as a digital excellence partner.  We help the maritime industry adapt to today's challenges by uniting domain experts with highly skilled software engineers and data scientists to build solutions that drive the maritime industry towards a more sustainable future.

Shipping is the mode of transport associated with the lowest CO2 emissions per distance and weight carried. Despite this, the maritime industry still has profound implications on air / water quality and the eco systems around it. We are a passionate group of people highly motivated to build digital solutions that work towards cleaning up maritime operations, removing corruption and building sustainable business models that allow global transport to thrive in an environment we can be proud of in the future.


What we do

The Ceataec team has previous maritime experience building advanced routing, voyage optimisation and performance monitoring SaaS software. Members of the team have also delivered technical products across a diverse range of domains such as energy, hospitality, gaming, medical, retail, logistics, finance and motorsport.

We use this diverse experience to implement high-quality, comprehensive and effective solutions to challenges within the maritime industry.


What Guides Us

The Right People

Our team is built with colleagues that inspire us. We work together as people who help us feel good and get excited about work, who support our learning and who strive to succeed together

Remote Needs Work

Remote work is awesome but can be hard. Our handbook guides us, we work on things we find meaningful and have fun along the way. We help each other personally and encourage flexible working to get out of the house when we need to

Beginner's Mindset

Walk into every problem without the fear of knowing less than others even if you’re the most senior. You’re senior because you know how to learn, not because you know more


As a group of people spanning nearly every continent with various lifestyles & beliefs, we uphold a culture of inclusivity where every voice is valued and respected, fostering an environment that celebrates diversity in all its forms

Trust Through Transparency

We talk openly and do not hide issues. We always suspect best intentions (culture differences are hard), but question when misunderstood. We make sure not to oversell our products, by sharing their limitations and not lying about performance

Adapt to Improve

We are agile and are not afraid to tackle new challenges. This is possible because we are all curious, humble, skilled and constantly reviewing our processes in dedicated workshops to always be on top of our game


People you'll find at Ceataec

Marty Cochrane
Dmytro Kulahin
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Anshul Rai
Junior Data Scientist
Damien Mavaleix
Senior Data Scientist
Clément Viguier
Data Scientist
Kyryl Tretiakov
Software Engineer
Sandeep Tembare
DevOps Engineer
Ostap Smolynets
Tech Lead
Gavin Allison
Head of Engineering
Bruno Branco
Senior Software Engineer
Rostislav Yordanov
Senior DevOps Engineer